Gabrielle Guy

  1. Pieter Hugo 25 postcards
  2. Jo Ractliffe Signs of Life
  3. Penny Siopis Material Acts
  4. Wim Botha Heliostat
  5. Igshaan Adams When Dust Settles
  6. Sabelo Mlangeni Umlindelo wamaKholwa
  7. Thomas Chapman & David Southwood Hustles
  8. Re/discovery and Memory
  9. 9 More Weeks
  10. Cyril Ramaphosa & Daniel Naudé Cattle of the Ages
  11. Dominique Cheminais Eighty-four thousand
  12. Jo Ractliffe Everything is Everything
  13. Zander Blom Paintings Vol II Collector’s edition
  14. Zander Blom Paintings Vol II
  15. Jane Alexander PHOTO-BOOK
  16. Penny Siopis Grief
  17. Penny Siopis Shame
  18. Zanele Muholi Somnyama Ngonyama
  19. Daniel Naudé Sightings of the Sacred
  20. African Futures
  21. Zander Blom Modern Painting: Piet Mondrian
  22. 9 Weeks
  23. Gerhard Marx Depths in Feet
  24. Dominique Cheminais The Animal Breaking Through the Flesh
  25. Edson Chagas Found Not Taken
  26. Wim Botha Pietà
  27. Pieter Hugo The Journey
  28. Serge Alain Nitegeka Into The BLACK
  29. Kemang Wa Lehulere
  30. Kemang Wa Lehulere Collector’s edition
  31. Jane Alexander Survey: Cape of Good Hope
  32. Zanele Muholi Faces and Phases 2006-14
  33. Penny Siopis Time and Again Collector’s edition
  34. Penny Siops Time and Again
  35. Guy Tillim Joburg: Points of View
  36. The Erotic Drawings of Anton Kannemeyer Collector’s edition
  37. The Erotic Drawings of Anton Kannemeyer
  38. Brett Murray
  39. Deborah Poynton Pictures
  40. Bitterkomix 16
  41. Zander Blom Paintings Vol I
  42. Zander Blom Paintings Vol I Collector’s edition
  43. Daniel Naudé Animal Farm
  44. über(W)unden
  45. Bicycle Portraits (green book)
  46. Bicycle Portraits (blue book)
  47. Bicycle Portraits (yellow book)
  48. Guy Tillim Second Nature
  49. BillyMonk
  50. Reihenhausmannskost
  51. Tretchikoff: The People’s Painter
  52. Nandipha Mntambo
  53. Nandipha Mntambo Collector’s edition
  54. Claudette Schreuders
  55. Claudette Schreuders Collector’s edition
  56. Jo Ractliffe As Terras Do Fim Do Mundo
  57. Zanele Muholi Faces and Phases
  58. Steven Cohen Life is Shot, Art is Long
  59. Child Health Now
  60. Nicholas Hlobo
  61. Nicholas Hlobo Collector’s edition
  62. Das is(s)t Deutschland
  63. Youssef Nabil I Won’t Let You Die
  64. Guy Tillim Avenue Patrice Lumumba
  65. Guy Tillim Congo Democratic
  66. 10 Years 100 Artists

  1. Zander Blom New Paintings
  2. Matšatši a ...
  3. Candice Breitz + Mohau Modisakeng
  4. Moshekwa Langa Fugitive
  5. Concerning Symmetry
  6. JoburgArtFair 2016 Directory
  7. JoburgArtFair 2016 Visitor’s Guide
  8. JoburgArtFair 2016 VIP Programme
  9. Section Cinéma
  10. Ian Grose Small Paintings
  11. Samson Kambalu Nyau Cinema
  12. Kings County
  13. The New Church
  14. Simon Gush Work
  15. Wim Botha Rooms
  16. Wim Botha Solipsis
  17. Wim Botha Busts
  18. Wim Botha Busts & Solipsis Collector’s edition
  19. Ernest Mancoba Drawings & Paintings from the Studio
  20. Trade Routes Revisited
  21. Olafur Eliasson Erosion
  22. Africa & Abstraction Johannesburg: Blom Hlobo Nitegeka Rhode
  23. Africa & Abstraction: Mancoba Odita Blom
  24. Tretchikoff: The People’s Painter catalogue
  25. This Is Our Time
  26. Summer 2009/10: Projects
  27. Paul Edmunds Subtropicalia
  28. Brett Murray Crocodile Tears
  29. Summer 2008/9: Projects
  30. Berni Searle Recent Work 2007/8
  31. Odili Donald Odita Double Edge
  32. Take your road and travel along

Personal Work
  1. Story 03 for Hyraxhotong [photographs]
  2. Part 3 [book]
  3. Part 2 [book]
  4. Part 1 [book]
  5. An advent calendar of things to look at for 2018 [book]
  6. A-series x AKJP [collaboration]
  7. A-series [exhibition]
  8. Calendars of things to look at [books]
  9. Stevenson Instagram Takeover [photographs]
  10. Monolith in Gif 3 [print]


Gabrielle Guy is an art book designer and visual artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has designed numerous artist monographs and photo books, most notably for Nicholas Hlobo, Wim Botha, Pieter Hugo, Sabelo Mlangeni, Zanele Muholi, Igshaan Adams, Claudette Schreuders, Jo Ractliffe, Penny Siopis and Guy Tillim. She is a former art director of Art South Africa magazine (under the editorship of Sean O’Toole, 2003-2005).

Often working closely with Stevenson gallery, she has designed and continues to manage their corporate identity. In 2014 she designed the book Faces and Phases 2006-14 for photographer Zanele Muholi, and spent time working at the publisher Steidl in Göttingen, Germany, during May 2014. The book was shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2015.
She has designed identities for the Institute of Contemporary Art Indian Ocean/ ICAIO (Mauritius), Smith gallery (Cape Town), and group exhibitions at Stevenson such as A Sculptural Premise, The New Parthenon, Schema, and Sex. In 2017 she worked on the catalogue and  identity and exhibition elements for The South African Pavilion presenting Candice Breitz + Mohau Modisakeng at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

In December 2017 Gabrielle held her first exhibition of photographs and drawings, A-series, a project at blank lab in Maitland, Cape Town. She has recently started publishing her own series of books - Part 1 in June 2019, and Part 2 in July 2019. Part 3 is set to launch in October 2019.

Publishers she has worked with include Steidl (Germany), Prestel (Germany), Kehrer (Germany), Rizzoli (New York), Hatje Cantz (Germany), Punctum (Italy), Kerber (Germany), Jacana (South Africa) and DayOne (South Africa).

Portrait by Pieter Hugo, 2016

Currently working on:


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