Gabrielle Guy

  1. The Contemporary African Kitchen
  2. Penny Siopis Your History With Me
  3. Berni Searle Having but Little Gold
  4. Jo Ractliffe Being There
  5. Shaun Gaylard & Brett McDougall RSA365
  6. Vegan at Home
  7. African Artists
  8. Georgina Gratrix The Reunion
  9. James Oatway and Alon Skuy [BR]OTHER
  10. Jansen van Staden Microlight
  11. Jo Ractliffe Photographs 1980s–now
  12. Mawande Ka Zenzile Uhambo luyazilawula
  13. William Kentridge Why Should I Hesitate
  14. Gerhard Marx Ecstatic Archive
  15. Leah Hawker Breastfeeding 101
  16. Jo Ractliffe Signs of Life
  17. Penny Siopis Material Acts
  18. Wim Botha Heliostat
  19. Igshaan Adams When Dust Settles
  20. Sabelo Mlangeni Umlindelo wamaKholwa
  21. Thomas Chapman & David Southwood Hustles
  22. Re/discovery and Memory
  23. 9 More Weeks
  24. Cyril Ramaphosa & Daniel Naudé Cattle of the Ages
  25. Dominique Cheminais Eighty-four thousand
  26. Jo Ractliffe Everything is Everything
  27. Zander Blom Paintings Vol II Collector’s edition
  28. Zander Blom Paintings Vol II
  29. Jane Alexander PHOTO-BOOK
  30. Penny Siopis Grief
  31. Penny Siopis Shame
  32. Daniel Naudé Sightings of the Sacred
  33. African Futures
  34. Zander Blom Modern Painting: Piet Mondrian
  35. 9 Weeks
  36. Gerhard Marx Depths in Feet
  37. Dominique Cheminais The Animal Breaking Through the Flesh
  38. Edson Chagas Found Not Taken
  39. Wim Botha Pietà
  40. Serge Alain Nitegeka Into The BLACK
  41. Kemang Wa Lehulere
  42. Kemang Wa Lehulere Collector’s edition
  43. Jane Alexander Survey: Cape of Good Hope
  44. Zanele Muholi Faces and Phases 2006-14
  45. Penny Siopis Time and Again Collector’s edition
  46. Penny Siops Time and Again
  47. Guy Tillim Joburg: Points of View
  48. The Erotic Drawings of Anton Kannemeyer Collector’s edition
  49. The Erotic Drawings of Anton Kannemeyer
  50. Brett Murray
  51. Deborah Poynton Pictures
  52. Bitterkomix 16
  53. Zander Blom Paintings Vol I
  54. Zander Blom Paintings Vol I Collector’s edition
  55. Daniel Naudé Animal Farm
  56. über(W)unden
  57. Bicycle Portraits (green book)
  58. Bicycle Portraits (blue book)
  59. Bicycle Portraits (yellow book)
  60. Guy Tillim Second Nature
  61. BillyMonk
  62. Reihenhausmannskost
  63. Tretchikoff: The People’s Painter
  64. Nandipha Mntambo
  65. Nandipha Mntambo Collector’s edition
  66. Claudette Schreuders
  67. Claudette Schreuders Collector’s edition
  68. Jo Ractliffe As Terras Do Fim Do Mundo
  69. Zanele Muholi Faces and Phases
  70. Steven Cohen Life is Shot, Art is Long
  71. Child Health Now
  72. Nicholas Hlobo
  73. Nicholas Hlobo Collector’s edition
  74. Das is(s)t Deutschland
  75. Youssef Nabil I Won’t Let You Die
  76. Guy Tillim Avenue Patrice Lumumba
  77. Guy Tillim Congo Democratic
  78. 10 Years 100 Artists

Catalogues, Booklets, Other
  1. John Peffer Notes on Cuts
  2. Zander Blom Monochrome Paintings II
  3. Stevenson Newsletters .info
  4. Events of the Social The Walther Collection
  5. Cian-Yu Bai
  6. Zander Blom Monochrome Paintings
  7. Frida Orupabo Hours After
  8. Zander Blom The Garage-ism Manifesto
  9. Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi Gymnasium
  10. Dada Khanyisa Good Feelings
  11. Daniel Naudé The Bovine Prophecy
  12. Art Joburg 2019
  13. Pieter Hugo 25 postcards
  14. Sean O’Toole The Magic of Stones
  15. Zander Blom New Paintings
  16. Matšatši a ...
  17. Candice Breitz + Mohau Modisakeng
  18. Moshekwa Langa Fugitive
  19. Concerning Symmetry
  20. Zanele Muholi Somnyama Ngonyama
  21. JoburgArtFair 2016 Directory
  22. JoburgArtFair 2016 Visitor’s Guide
  23. JoburgArtFair 2016 VIP Programme
  24. Pieter Hugo The Journey
  25. Section Cinéma
  26. Ian Grose Small Paintings
  27. Samson Kambalu Nyau Cinema
  28. Kings County
  29. The New Church
  30. Simon Gush Work
  31. Wim Botha Rooms
  32. Wim Botha Solipsis
  33. Wim Botha Busts
  34. Wim Botha Busts & Solipsis Collector’s edition
  35. Ernest Mancoba Drawings & Paintings from the Studio
  36. Trade Routes Revisited
  37. Olafur Eliasson Erosion
  38. Africa & Abstraction Johannesburg: Blom Hlobo Nitegeka Rhode
  39. Africa & Abstraction: Mancoba Odita Blom
  40. What we talk about when we talk about love
  41. Tretchikoff: The People’s Painter catalogue
  42. Geography of Somewhere
  43. Ângela Ferreira Werdmuller Centre
  44. This Is Our Time
  45. Lynette Yiadom-Boakye Essays and Letters
  46. Summer 2009/10: Projects
  47. Paul Edmunds Subtropicalia
  48. Brett Murray Crocodile Tears
  49. Summer 2008/9: Projects
  50. Berni Searle Recent Work 2007/8
  51. Odili Donald Odita Double Edge
  52. Take your road and travel along

Personal Work
  1. Rock drawings on The Objects [exhibition]
  2. An advent calendar of other people’s pictures [book]
  3. END x 1250 [artwork]
  4. Pictures of Pictures [exhibition]
  5. Another project [book]
  6. What would have been an exhibition about bricks [artist’s book]
  7. What would have been an exhibition about bricks [photographic works]
  8. Layout 6 [print exhibited]
  9. Two bricks communicating over a video call [event]
  10. Story 03 for Hyraxhotong [photographs]
  11. Part 4 [book]
  12. Part 3 [book]
  13. Part 2 [book]
  14. Part 1 [book]
  15. A-series experiments [photographic works]
  16. An advent calendar of things to look at for 2018 [book]
  17. A-series x AKJP [collaboration]
  18. A-series additional [photographic works]
  19. A-series [photographic works]
  20. A-series [exhibition]
  21. Calendars of things to look at [books]
  22. Monolith in Gif 3 [print]


A personal artist book project in the form of a calendar, consisting of found images as well my own photography and sometimes drawings.

I’ve made a few advent calendars over the years. I started making them for my sister – as children, our mother used to make us an advent calendar each year in the form of a wall-hanging, with little presents tied onto it. We loved the excitement of getting a little gift each day, even though they were mostly small, practical things like erasers, pens or hair ties.
I started thinking about how images could be like gifts – gifts for the eyes/ mind, things to look forward to. And also about a book that you can’t just page through immediately – I glued each page to the next, so that each day you need to cut a page open... (hence the ragged page edge, pictured). Restraint and delayed gratification, as opposed to just scrolling for endless rewards on Instagram/ the internet.